Polaroid Cube
  • 35mm square rubberized body.
  • Built-in Magnets on top and bottom allow for stacking and sticking onto any metal surface.
  • Captures video in high-definition 1920×1080 or 1280×720 and images at 6.0MP.
  • Ultra Wide Angle Lens provides 124 degrees of coverage.
  • Supports Micro SD up to 32GB.
  • One-Button operation allows for instant accessibility.
  • Built-in Microphone and LED Light.
  • High capacity battery allows for 90 minutes of undisturbed footage.
  • Water Resistance up to 2M and Shockproof features.
  • Color: Red, Black and Blue
  • Compatible with a complete series of accessories and mounts.

The Polaroid Cube represents the latest in a series often celebrated for its ingenious design and numerous applications. Measuring at only 35mm, the Polaroid Cube opens an extraordinary amount of filming opportunities. The addition of magnets in a rubberized body allows you to easily transfer your Cube from one experience to the next. Regardless of whether you’re looking to capture and relive the thrill of racing downhill atop your bike or searching for an entirely new perspective to film your skating sessions, the Polaroid Cube can easily be mounted on your helmet, handlebars, skateboard or any other metal surface. Built in water resistance and shockproof features add even more versatility to a camera that’s already inherently flexible and make this a must-have addition to document all of your favorite summer and wintertime memories.

Operating on a single button prompt, the Polaroid Cube is the very definition of premier mobility and accessibility. Simply place or attach your Cube to your preferred location and you’ll be ready to record with the simple press of a button. This small camera is compatible with Micro SD and supports up to 32GB. The camera itself is boosted by a Wide Angle Lens that provides an additional 124 degrees of coverage. This technology is instrumental in capturing 1080p HD Videos and 6MP photos in pristine clarity. The Polaroid Cube utilizes a high capacity battery that allows for 90 minutes of undisturbed and worry-free photography! A built-in microphone and LED have also been included and allow you to get the absolute most out of your sessions with the Cube.

A collection of complementary accessories exclusive to the Polaroid Cube are also available for purchase. Additions such as a Helmet Mount, Bike Mount and Strap Mount will bolster your Cube’s durability tenfold while simultaneously improving upon the number of filming opportunities. Additional options such as a Wearable Pendent and Monkey Shaped Mount add even more depth and ways to enjoy your Cube.